Women Ride Their Own: This blog’s purpose is to share information on trips, tips, and gear related to motorcycling in general and women in motorcycling in particular. Women Ride Their Own also offers a community FaceBook page (public) as well as a Facebook closed group exclusive to women riders. You can find Women Ride Their Own’s Facebook and Instagram channels at @womenridetheirown.

Women Ride Their Own is curated by @julienordskogandrews. Among various topics, Julie frequently shares accounts and lessons learned related to long-distance riding. In 2018, she completed the 10,000-mile Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge without the aid of GPS. By sharing her story, Julie hopes to encourage women riders to challenge their limits. She actively participates in both long-distance and women riding communities whether contributing to online forums or participating in motorcycle events (rallies, trade shows, and organized rides).